Company Policy for Social Responsibility


Objectives and program implementation

28th of October, 2014


MeteRSit, aware of the importance of the social and environmental sustainability of its activities and its products, is issuing this document in order to define its objectives and guidelines for the implementation of some factors that are considered key to its business.

  • Environmental impact of MeteRSit production sites
  • Environmental impact of MeteRSit products during their life cycle
  • Respect for the rights of the worker, his health and safety at work
  • Ethical Code of Conduct and the Model of organization, management and governance
  • Transparency to customers


1. Environmental impacts of MeteRSit production sites
MeteRSit, in January 2013, and in line with what has been done by all the companies belonging to the SIT Group, issued its policy for environmental management, in order to achieve compliance with the guidelines for the ISO 14000 environmental management system, and to obtain the relevant certification for all production sites.

With this in mind, in February 2013, MeteRSit performed the initial environmental impact analysis for the production site of Rovigo, in order to assess the impact of productive activities, in relation to the surrounding environment.

It was taken into consideration:

  • controlled emissions (conveyed to fireplaces) and uncontrolled (fugitive emissions),
  • discharges into the sewer system;
  • waste;
  • contamination of land;
  • use of water resources, fuel, energy and other natural resources;
  • noise, odor, dust, and visual impact;
  • effects on specific environments and ecosystems;
  • vibration;
  • asbestos;
  • natural events.

In the last 18 months several actions was addressed to be compliant with ISO 14000 guidelines.